Facility Hire Prices

Arena hire 

1 hour schooling with one horse £25

Additional horses £5 each.

Stable Hire
  •  If you are staying in the area, why not bring your horse to stay at Little Mill Equestrian Centre and go for a beach ride or forest hack?
  • If you are coming to an event at Little Mill Equestrian Centre and need short-term stabling for your horse for the day or the night we can provide it.

 Mucking out is the responsibility of the horse owner or hirer and the stable should be left in the condition it is found.

All options include bedding (see below), water, lighting, use of yard tools and parking for a horse box or trailer. We can also provide electrical hook-up.

Your options are as follows:
  1.  Day Hire from 8am to 4pm on one day £15. This includes half a bale of shavings for bedding.
  2.  Overnight Hire Temporary Box  £30. This includes 2 bales of shavings for bedding.
  3. Overnight Hire Permanent Box £50. This includes 2 bales of shavings for bedding.
  4.  Electrical Hookup is £40
You must use the bedding provided by us but extra bedding can be bought if your horse requires extra. We use wood shavings available at £8.50 a bale.

For stays of longer than 24 hours we can provide a small area for turn-out for your horse to have a leg stretch if it is available.

If you have any questions or would like to book please call Susanne on 07951 601 612.