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Horse Legs


Extras (if not included in your livery agreement). Other requirements can be made by arrangement. 

*Bale of shavings


*Net (25lbs)


We pride ourselves on providing ample filling. All nets are weighed

Use of the walker


Up to an hour

Holding for vet or farrier


For every 30 minutes. <first 15 mins free>

Muck out


Turn out/catch in/feed


Feeding option only available where feed is ready prepared.

Rug change


Boots on/off




Per 30 minutes

Arena floodlights


Per hour

Leaving droppings


Per dropping

Long-term Lorry/ Trailer in car park


Per month

Late night feed


Per feed for feed provided by owner or charged at £5 per feed



Owners grooming kit

Cleaning the walker


For 7 or 5 Day Livery this refers to use of the walker by the owner

Exercise (summer only)


50 minutes session including warm up/ warm down

Extras & Charges: About
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