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£100 per week invoiced monthly
includes the provision of a stable with rubber matting, 1 bale of bedding (shavings)per week, water, food, forage and looking after your horse, to be either turned out or placed on the walker as weather permits. Wherever possible we will keep all horses on individual turnout. It includes rug change and boots on or off. 
Food includes forage and hard feed (pony nuts and Alpha A) but we will charge any additional cost for alternative feed which is deemed excessively expensive or out of the range of the usual feeds that we stock. If additives are required these will be charged as an ‘extra’ (see below). For feed, one net for overnight is provided. In Winter, or in exceptionally poor turn out, then an additional net a day will be added as ‘extra’.
For bedding, included in our fee is one bale of shavings for bedding a week. 2 additional bales of shavings are required to set up the stable in the first instance and are charged as ‘extra’. There is no provision to bring your own bedding or forage. If the horse requires more bedding this will be provided as an ‘extra’.
7 Day Livery does not include exercise, or preparation for, or turning in after exercise, although these can be arranged if required.

Seven Day Livery: About
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